​​Furnishings, Accessories & Arrangement

It’s all in the details! Selecting and coordinating the furnishings and accessories, then arranging them in a space can make or break a room. Achieving the most from a design requires careful placement of items with thought to functionality, flow, accessibility and light. Eye 4 Design offers a range of services in this area; from rearrangement of existing furnishings and accessories, to the blending of existing items with new or complete shopping efforts. Keeping the final result in focus at all times requires experience and discipline – and this is always apparent in our completed projects.

Custom Window Treatments, Bedding & Upholstery

Eye 4 Design offers an unlimited array of window treatment design and can also provide coordinated bedding, pillow, cushion and upholstery options. From simple to ornate, traditional to contemporary, fabrics that compliment each other in color, texture and style give any room a polished design aesthetic. Most of the photos you will find in the portfolio include these custom creations.

​​Color Consultations & Custom Wall Finishes

Color can change everything! From subtle shades of white to bright, bold color this is one aspect of design that brings so much impact for so little cost and effort. Working with color is one of the best parts of design work. Any space can be completely transformed by color and at the same time it will help create the overall ambience of the project.

Eye 4 Design enjoys working with custom wall finishes to help add depth and feeling to a design plan. Throughout the portfolio you will find examples of suede, metallic, river rock, -and color washing techniques. Often custom wall finishes are like the icing on a cake – they add the perfect finish.

Design Services

From initial consultation or pre-construction planning to turn-key finished projects, Eye 4 Design Interiors can help you achieve the balance of aesthetics and functionality that brings joy and comfort to your living space.

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Custom Furniture, Cabinet & Closet Design

Eye 4 Design can help you develop customized kitchen and bath cabinetry , closets and entertainment systems as well as all types of custom furnishings. We begin by working with creative ways to utilize cabinets and/or furnishings that best suit your needs to make your life more organized, simple and efficient. Often customized pieces are the only way to make a space work at it’s best, please see our portfolio where examples of this are found in all types of rooms.

Initial Design Consultations/Pre-Construction Planning

The most important phase of any interior design project, whether it be remodeling an existing space or creating an entirely new one, is the initial planning. Eye 4 Design is here to help guide you through this process, to discover your true needs for the space both in style and function. The goal is to create and then achieve the desired design results and in doing so bring a better harmony to your life and home.

Eye 4 Design can make great changes with all size budgets, and keeping to a set allowance is a challenge we enjoy, making the absolute most of what a client has to work with.

Having a background in construction along with knowledge of codes and compliance issues Eye 4 Design can help you plan your project accordingly. This truly makes a difference in the overall remodel or construction process going smoothly. It also allows you to receive more accurate cost and time schedules thus removing much of the stress often found with remodeling or new construction projects.